Crazy Color Clash

Crazy colorful tapping battles

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Developed By: Justin Hammond


Crazy Color Clash - the game with 2 players, 1 device, 12 powerups, and 90 seconds. Play in one of 3 incredibly colorful game modes, clash with a friend or fly solo in practice mode. Use powerups to confuse and disorient your opponent and come out the victor once the time runs out.





How to Play

Tap your half of the screen when your background color matches the color name shown. Watch out, the names of colors may not always match the color of the name or your background color! Points are gained for matching color names to background colors, points lost for incorrect taps, and points forfeit for missed taps. There are 12 powerups that are granted throughout the game for correct taps. Mix and match to find the best combination against your opponent or skip powerups completely and stick to colors alone. Winner has the most points when time runs out. Do you have what it takes to win, or will you tap out?


  • 2 players on 1 device
  • 10 crazy colors to match
  • 12 unique powerups to choose from or have randomized
  • 90 second addictive gameplay
  • 3 challenging game modes (2 player clash with colors and powerups, 2 player clash with colors only, single player practice)
  • Score tracking so you know how many taps you got right, wrong, and missed
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12 Exciting Powerups

There are various powerups that are granted for correct taps. Use your powerups to confuse and disorient your opponent!

Three powerups are included in the game for free (Surprise, Lockout, and Blackout) while additional powerup packs can be purchased for $0.99 or the entire set for $1.99.

Basic Powerups

Free - Included in Game


Shoots a colorful confetti cannon on your opponent's screen to distract them.


Locks your opponents screen. They must tap 5 times before they can match colors again. Powerups cannot be used during Lockout!


Changes your opponent's background color to black making it impossible to match colors. Taps during a Blackout lose points!

Powerup Pack 1

$0.99 - Unlocks 3 powerups


Removes the changing color name's font color, making it easier to match taps.


Replaces your opponent's powerups with bombs. Tapping a bomb will lose a point!


Starts a duel with your opponent. Tapping shifts the count in your favor. First to 10 taps receives 5 points.

Powerup Pack 2

$0.99 - Unlocks 3 powerups


Reverses your opponent's color name direction.


Changes your opponent's background to gray. They will need to guess if their colors match!


Blows away half of all of your opponents powerups.

Powerup Pack 3

$0.99 - Unlocks 3 powerups


75% chance of stealing a point from your opponent. Be careful, the other 25% of the time you will lose a point yourself!

Double Tap

Requires your opponent to double tap their color on a match. Failing to double tap will lose a point!


Protects you against powerups.


"Awesome two player mobile game! It was perfect to play while waiting in line at Disneyland! My 7 and 8 year old boys love playing it as well!" - Brady

Project Development

The game started as a hobby to learn Swift and iOS development and quickly turned into a full-blown App Store offering. Hundreds of hours and thousands of play tests later - Crazy Color Clash was brought to the public. You can find devlog videos detailing the development of the project while it was in its infancy or read my blog post detailing the entire process.